Unicorn Risk Services is the specialist in not for profit insurance cover.

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At Professional Insurance Brokers, we understand intrinsically that each business is different, and therefore each business has its own unique insurance policy needs. Our experienced team of brokers work to understand your risk profile, and the risks of your broader industry, to write up a policy that gives you the unique cover that you need, and in a cost effective manner.

Unicorn Risk Services, as a specialist division of Professional Insurance Brokers, is your specialist for the community group and not-for-profit sector. As with any business organisation, community groups need insurance against a raft of risks, but these can be different to what a corporation faces. And, of course, community groups by nature don’t want to be spending money on things they don’t need. Click here for more in formation on how Unicorn Risk Services can cover you without breaking the bank.

Insuring a fleet of vehicles is a very different process than insuring your own car as an individual, and it can become very expensive or restrictive if not managed correctly. Many of Australia’s fleets accidentally void their insurance policies by not obtaining policies the fit the way their vehicles will be used. At Professional Insurance Brokers we carefully work with our customers to draw up a policy that will cover their fleets for the expected use of those cars, trucks, or busses.

Security Industry Insurance Brokers are a licensed broker with a reputation for honesty, integrity and personal service. It is dedicated to the provision of insurance products and services to the security industry and its allied sectors.

SIIB is a member of the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) and the staff are Qualified Practising Insurance Brokers (QPIB). This means that they have met strict standards of professional experiences, adhere to a code of ethics set by NIBA and undertake continuing training to ensure their technical knowledge and professional services are of the highest standard.

Helping The Life Blood Of Our Roads

Service Stations have their own, unique, insurance needs. They are a critical resource for motorists, and a literal lifeblood of Australia’s logistics and transportation industries, but they are also high-risk businesses that need to protect themselves against everything from theft to a fire, which, for obvious reasons, could cause catastrophic damages.