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Community groups have some of the most complex risk needs of all. Because the work they do is so varied, and their interactions with the community are so different from one to the next, their risk profiles are unique, almost down to an organisation-by-organisation level.

In other words, while the same basic risks exists across all community groups; the risk of property and equipment damage, fraud, volunteer safety, and professional indemnity, the insurance packages for each group can be highly optimised to safe customers both money and stress.

Sadly, despite the very real good that community groups do in society, they’re not more immune from criminal activity than any other organisation. Arson, theft and damage all need to be covered by insurance for the group’s peace of mind. The needs of a community centre for the youth are very different to the needs of a Meals on Wheels organisation, for example.

So it’s important to find a broker that understands the different kinds of activities that your group undertakes, and then is able to advice the best insurance package to suit those activities. Each of the activities below should be part of a community group insurance package, if it is a significant part of the group’s operation.

At Unicorn Risk Services Pty Ltd, we specialise in understanding the precise risk profiles of each of our customers in the community sector, and then providing them with sound advice on the kind of insurance policies that would best fit their needs. Please contact our team today to request further information. 

Community groups include:

Art & Craft & Friendship

Neighbour Aid

Neighbourhood Centres

Community Centres

Community Transport

Senior Citizens

Social Support

Community Aid

Learning and Information

Chamber of Commerce

Resident Action Groups

Progress Associations


We can cover these related activities

Home visits for companionship, assistance with telephone calls, writing of letters etc

Assistance including transport for clients to attend appointments, visit friends or relatives and undertake shopping and other business

Assistance in representation made by or on behalf of the client

Undertaking errands, for example- banking or paying bills, on behalf of the client

Information referral centres (promoting accessible and appropriate community information and cultural development)

Provision of information to the community about organisations in their target areas

Child minding whilst parents attend courses at the same centre

Handyperson services

Assistance and support

Personal hygiene care

Social and Recreational Activities

Provide community Education

Day trips, weekend away, holiday trips



Contract carers

Senior groups

Mother Support groups

Craft groups

Education & learning groups, language, computer etc

Youth groups including Youth Development

Before and after school care

Vacation care

Playgroups & Child minding

Leisure & recreation groups

Hiring out of Centres

Drop in services

Administer drugs to clients (under strict guidelines)

Community development & Community Landscape Projects


Visiting clients & nursing homes

Women’s groups

Toy libraries

Environment & Health Issues

Personal Care & Hygiene

Production & Retail of Food Products

Support families in crisis

Community visitors scheme


Assistance with continence care


Respite care

Gardening/Lawn Mowing

Deliver Library books

Migrant Services

Assistance and Support Groups

Training days

Hiring Centre out to other parties

Bus Trips

Holiday trips away

Art & Craft Groups

Drama Workshops

Movie Nights

Social and Recreational Activities

Individual, Family & Group work

Community Education

Meals on Wheels

Minor maintenance

Lawn mowing

Family support and assistance

Family counseling

Community Halls