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Unicorn Risk Services Pty Ltd has a long history in offering highly tailored insurance packages to Australia’s faith organisations. As you might expect, such a specialised community service comes with it a combination of risks that a standard package would be unable to properly cover.

As such a prominent member of any community across Australia, faith organisations are vulnerable to a host of risks both internally and externally.

The key risks that faith organisations experience in Australia include:

  1. Theft and vandalism. It’s a sad reality of the world that even churches are not immune to exposure to criminal activity. Whether from burglary, politically- minded activism, delinquency, or another motivating factor, churches are often the first targets for criminal behaviour.
  2. Sexual Abuse. Unfortunately when an organisation finds itself caring for or having guardianship of the vulnerable and children, there are going to be instances where sexual abuse happens. The organisation can protect itself with the best risk management and screening processes possible, and some predators will find a way around the system. That’s why it’s essential that faith organisations protect themselves with a proper sexual abuse cover package, regardless of how competent the screening process is.
  3. Protection for staff and volunteers. As with any organisation that makes use of the skills of volunteers, faith organisations need to be adequately protected against any risks that these volunteers might encounter.

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Churches and religious groups include:

Churches and religious groups include:

Bible Studies

Worship Groups


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Trips away

Sunday school


Seniors Group

Grief Counselling



Prayer Groups